Travelling Rajasthan During Summer

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Travelling Rajasthan During Summer


Are you planning to travel in Rajasthan during summers? Here are some points to keep in mind while planning for Rajasthan in summers as summers in Rajasthan state of India is very hot and dry. Temperatures do reach 50 degree centigrade in day time so caution is must. Try these some tested tricks to beat the heat:

  • Carry water bottle with yourself to drink sips on regular basis so as to keep yourself hydrated. You can also carry juices or other drinks to keep your energy level high

  • Wrap your faces and skin with cloth to avoid sun stroke or burning of skin due to high heat.

  • Try to move out late in the evenings to beat the heat. Rajasthan Tourism has opened the palaces and forts in the night too for its summer travellers.

  • Eat onion salad, drink chaach (butter milk), keri pana (Green Mango Pana) as they help in reducing the chances of getting sun strokes

  • Try to regulate body temperature before entering into two different temperature zones

  • Eat food with caution as food may stale due to heat, if not stored in proper temperature. Do check before eating.

Benefits of travelling to Rajasthan in summer

  • Explore the night view of forts and various other places

  • Since this is the off season rates are cheap and probability of availability is high

  • The sightseeing places are less crowded as it is off season so you can view and enjoy the places more comfortably

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